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Disposable Waste Oil Solidifier

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0.08 KGS
  • Disposable Waste Oil Solidifier
Made in Japan
  • Disposable Waste Oil Solidifier
Made in Japan

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  • Solidifies cooking oil for easy disposal
  • Contains 3 x 20g sachets to treat approx 1.8L of oil
  • 1 sachet = 600 ml
  • Made in Japan


  • After cooking, turn off the heat. The oil needs to be about 80 ° C or higher
  • Open the appropriate amount of sachet and empty it in the oil 
  • Stir well until the granules are completely melted
  • Let the oil cool and leave it until it hardens
  • The oil either hardens into a solid or as a jelly depending on the temp of oil, type of oil, amount of sachets that was placed
  • The solidification time varies depending on the room temperature and the amount of oil

When using it with cold oil

  • Place the appropriate amount of sachets in the oil and reheat the oil, until the granules melt about 80 
  • Follow the the steps 3-6  listed above

*There is a possibility that the  oil may not harden if there is a large amount of oil or not enough solidifier was used or contents were not melted/ stirred in *


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