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Microwave Rice Cooker

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  • You can do everything from washing rice to cooking rice.
  • Three separate structures make it easy to wash, clean & cook rice
  • Size: 15.4 × 13 × 14.5Hcm
  • Heat resistance 140 degrees / Cold resistance -20 degrees
  • Capacity: 900m
  • Made in Japan


  • Measure the amount of rice your wish to cook using the white inner lid 
  • 0.5 go or 1 go
  • Place the rice in the chamber, add water and rinse/wash the rice
  • The inner lid also acts as a strainer, drain the cloudy water and repeat till water is clear
  • Fill the chamber with clean water, to the line marked 0.5 or 1 ( if you started with 0.5 =0.5 water line)
  • There are 2 water lines marked on the side of the chamber ( eg if cooking 0.5 amount of rice, wanting a firmer rice texture = line that is 0.5 , slightly lower water line. If wanting a plumper rice texture = line that is  0.5 slightly higher water line)
  • Once the water is at the appropriate water line, let the rice SOAK
  •  20 mins for 0.5 or 30 mins for 1 
  • 500W Microwave  0.5 = 7 mins, 0.1 =10 mins LOCK the lid in position then microwave
  • After microwave, take the container out leave the lid ON let it sit & steam for 20mins
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