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Nichiban Roihi-Tsuboko - 156 pieces

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  • Contains 2.8 cm X 156 round disk patches, infused with active ingredients - menthol & camphor 
  • Help relieve symptoms of muscle soreness, stiff shoulders, muscle fatigue, lower back pain 
  • Tingling warm/heat sensation to the applied area to help circulation
  • The patches also contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • The rayon cloth has water resistant properties 
  • Leaves no residue on the skin
  • Made in Japan

Apply on clean dry skin. Peel off the disk patch, apply on the affected area sticky side down. If you are using numerous patches leave at least  1 cm gap per patch
Do not use on skin with skin rash, sunburn, open wounds, abrasions or if you have an allergy to menthol & camphor
Avoid using a heat source with this product - electric blankets, hot water bottles, heaters as it can cause itchiness & will feel hot burning sensation.
Do not use immediately after showering/bathing & peel off patches 30 mins-1 hour  prior to showering/bathing
Do not use continuously on the same area for more than 5-6 days
If symptoms of redness, itchiness, a rash or sensitivity occurs using this product discontinue use


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