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OXI Wash 35g x 3 Pack

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  • 3 x 35 g Individually wrapped sachets

OXI Wash is a multi purpose cleaning powder. It cleans, bleaches, deodorise & sanitises when used the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. 

It removes the dirt & stubborn food stains and the sweat stain from your laundry ( not to be used on wool) 1 sachet/ full load  

In the kitchen you can dilute 1 sachet in 4.5 L water and soak your stained kitchen wear ( plates, cups, glasses ) for about 10 mins to remove stubborn stains. This method can be used for air conditioning filters, kitchen sponges, dish cloth, chux to clean, bleach, deodorise & sanitise. The items must be thoroughly washed & rinsed afterwards. 

Spot clean carpet or bed/mattress ( not to be used on wool carpet)  by diluting 7 g  in 1 L of water and dampen a clean cloth with the solution and start from the edge of the stain, wait 5-10 mins  wipe off with a clean cloth dampened down with water.

It break down of dirt with oxygen power, and the smell is refreshing. 


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Additional Information

Made in Japan
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