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Puresa Sheet Mask Vitamin C & Pune essence 5psc

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Puresa Sheet Mask vitamin C and Prue Essence is made in Japan by Utena. The box contains 5 individually packaged sheet masks and each sheet is single use. 

This sheet mask sheet is covered in a rich serum of  Vitamin C and Prue essence, which has a skin whitening effect on pigmentation and the prune essence helps moisturise the skin. The soft sheet mask fits closely on your face with cut out for your eyes and mouth.

To use this sheet mask, first cleanse and tone your skin. Open the packet and take out the sheet mask, fold down the eye area flaps down and place on your face, once it is in position pat and smooth down the sheet mask so it sits evenly and without creases and bubbles. Leave on for 10- 15 mins only.


Remove and dispose the sheet mask, rub any remaining serum into the skin, wait until all the serum is absorbed into the skin and finish off with your facial moisturiser.

Each packet of sheet mask is single use, and only to be left on the skin for 10-15 mins. Do not use this product on skin that has sunburn, cuts or abrasions. 


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