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Synthetic Diamond Mirror Cleaner Pad

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0.02 KGS
  • Synthetic Diamond Mirror Cleaner Pad
Made in Japan
  • Synthetic Diamond Mirror Cleaner Pad
Made in Japan

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  • Surface of this sponge has artificial diamond coating that can polish/ buff out stains or marks
  • Ideally for cleaning in bathrooms, wash basins, toilet and mirrors
  • Size 2.5cm W x 3.2cm D x 1.4 cm H
  • To be used with only water 
  • Made in Japan


  • Peel off the film on the back before use
  • Wet the target area with water
  • Wet the polished surface (handle surface) of this product with water and rub it little by little with a light force
  • At first, it has a rough feel, but as you rub it, the feel disappears continue until the texture is gone
  • Rinse off the area and wipe off the water thoroughly with a dry cloth
  • Rinse the polisher, let it dry before storing

 Items that cannot be used

  • Anti-fog processing, water-repellent processing, etc. Coated mirrors / glass
  • Specially processed glass such as frosted glass
  • Resin mirrors / plates
  • Cars
  • Resin products
  • Glasses, lenses
  • Painted surfaces
  • Soft stone materials








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